A Note on Laptop Privacy Filter

A computer to screen (CTS) system is a means of improving the efficiency of a screen printer’s workflow. Because they do away with film positives and the material and handling requirements that go along with film, computer to screen systems also decrease a screen printer’s production costs.

Imagine the expenses you could eliminate if you no longer had to rely upon films for your screen printing business. That substantial cost reduction becomes a reality when a computer to screen system is implemented. Indeed, you could save as much as $1 per film sheet you’re currently using by switching to a computer to screen system. Over the course of several years, those savings can really add up. And let’s not overlook the fact that you will no longer be throwing all those film sheets away. That means you’ll be saving the environment right along with money. to get more info onĀ laptop privacy filter.

The benefits of this system begin but don’t stop here, though. When a computer to screen system is added to your screen printing equipment, you’ll enjoy many other perks. You can send your screen printing images anywhere, anytime, in a matter of just seconds. No more worrying about irreplaceable files getting lost in delivery. And that’s not to mention the security of knowing that they will go direct to the right person, with no one who is out of the privacy loop inadvertently getting their hands on them.