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App Design Company Whether you are writing articles for your blog or creating content for your website, you are providing a service for your audience. For this reason, keeping and increasing the quality of your service should be your first priority. However majority of popular SEO discussions have diverged from this fact. I am writing this article to give you a SEO tip which will be valid and valuable forever.

When you are surfing the internet about website development, you will see lots of tips focused on how to rank well. Telling about ranking better on SERPs, giving useful tips about search engine algorithms… these are great, thank you all for your contribution. But, the sad thing, people are so obsessed with search engine optimization, they almost forget their users. Read more about app design company.

Which one do you care, users or search engine bots? If we have the chance to make a public survey with web developers, I think most of them will answer our questions as if search engine spiders are their real customers. Because, modern web community got used to make changes on their web pages regarding only search engine algorithms.

There are lots of myths as far as SEO concerned. The reason behind those myths is people see search engines like mighty demigod creatures. The fact is they are developed by real people and they are developed for real people. They are not your enemy and you are not at war with them. You don’t need to find some tricks, you don’t need to give them lots of money to rank well for your targeted keywords.

They have their guidelines to make the web a better place, not because they don’t like you. If you are doing some black hat SEO work, you will be banned. In that case, a penalty is something fair. If you are spending your time with cheating or stealing instead of adding some value to the web, you should accept the consequences without blaming search engines.

If a change is good for your users, it is also good for search engines
Please stop spreading superstitious beliefs about SEO and SE. These engines are useful tools which make connections between your website and your potential targeted visitors.

Their main purpose is to make their result pages more relevant, more user-friendly and more spam-free. If you start giving your users a better experience with your website, search engines will recognize that positive change and will increase your rankings.

I know you need some technical examples. Let’s start with title and description tags. Since they are two main particles that are mostly used at search snippets, they act as a bridge between your website and search engine users. So I am asking you, why should you optimize these two? For search engine spiders or your possible visitors which will look at SERPs and choose your snippet among others?App Design Company

Secondly, I always wonder why it is called search engine friendly URLs. I mean, understanding the page content just looking at URL is a good thing for user and it is also useful for sending this link or bookmarking for later use, right? Why are we not calling this as user-friendly URLs?

A third one, site speed is becoming more and more important. Then tell me; why do you speed up your pages? Is it because search engines care or is it because browsing on the net just like turning the pages of a book is marvellous for users?

Last example for this part; we are using alternative tags for images. Is it because we need to rank well on image search or is it because some of our users may turn off images in their web browser or are using a screen reader due to a visual impairment?