Murphy Bed for Kids

For families, especially those that live in smaller homes or apartments, space can often be at a premium. Kids’ bedrooms must do double and even triple duty and beyond, serving as a sleeping place, play room, study area and more. One useful and functional design alternative for a modern children’s bedroom is fold up beds.

Mostly when we think of fold up beds, we think of roll-away beds and convertible sofas. But there are many more options, some that mix great function with a true designer feel. Adding fold up beds to the bedroom of the kids in your home, especially if it is a shared space, can make a huge difference in terms of not only comfort, but productivity and stress reduction as well. Learn more at murphybed

One of the most interesting and best integrated fold up bed designs for any room is a murphy bed. Sometimes called a “pull-down” or, if truly built into the structure of a room, a wall bed, murphy beds were first introduced in the early part of the 20th century by a man named, yes, Murphy.

Once a common feature of small apartments, murphy beds disappeared for a while, but they’ve been making a comeback. Modern murphy beds are often designed to look like an armoire or entertainment cabinet with a bed built into the cabinet on a spring and hinge system similar to an old fashioned garage door. The springs make the bed, no matter the size, lighter to lift up or lay flat so that anyone, including a smaller person can fold the bed out and put it away safely and easily.

Another version of the fold up bed that’s currently in fashion is the futon. Futon’s come in many different styles, some with frames, some without. They can be found in sizes from single all the way up to king size.

Futons provide something beyond space savings in that they serve an aesthetic as well as functional second purpose as seating in the room. When folded up, you have a sofa, love seat or chair (depending on the size of the futon) that converts the room from sleeping to sitting or entertaining space. While cheaper futons, like cheaper beds and sofas, may not be appropriately comfortable or supportive for young bodies, taking the time to shop for quality products will turn up many that rival the best in both categories.

Of course, sleeper sofas and roll-away beds remain an option. Chances are if you have a fold out couch or roll-away bed that is more than a few years old, it bears little resemblance in style or comfort to the vastly superior products that are available today.

Putting a small amount of time and energy into finding the appropriate fold up beds to your kids’ rooms can make a huge difference. A bedroom is often the one area of the household that is theirs and only theirs. Helping them to make it comfortable and functional is not only helpful while they are living at home. It’s a useful exercise for the time when they will be out on their own.