SMART Dummy Camera To Prevent Home Invasions

With violent home invasions and burglaries on the rise, you may find yourself asking how you can affordably protect your home and loved ones against these heinous crimes. Regardless of what you think – your alarm system alone is not going to stop an intruder from entering your home. Yes, alarms are loud and draw attention to your dwelling; however they won’t prevent your door from being kicked in. With a certified home security inspection, you can find out exactly what your home requires in terms of affordable security upgrades to keep would-be intruders from entering.Kindly read this article.

Fools & Deters Burglars, Violent Home Invaders & Vandals into thinking their being recorded by expensive surveillance equipment. Some may call it a dummy camera. The features of a dummy camera are,

1. Environmentally friendly solar panel, charges the camera’s internal rechargeable batteries for years of uninterrupted use.
2. The solar panel also helps eliminate the need to climb a dangerous ladder to install new batteries.
3. Includes the patent pending Hide – A – House Key feature. Hide your house key in the OnGARD camera.
4. Adjustable swivel mount, which mirrors the style of expensive security cameras.
5. Water resistant battery casing, protects camera against harsh conditions. Stainless steel screws for long lasting durability.
6. UV coating, protects the camera’s casing against prolonged exposure from direct sunlight.
7. Two “dummy” antennas per camera replicate professional video transmitting antennas found on high-end security cameras.