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Best coin sorter – Summary

A coin sorter can prove to be an excellent investment for any business that receives cash in coinage on a daily basis. This device sorts and directs coins to separate bins according to various denominations based on the size, weight and shape of the coinage. Sorting coinage by hand can be a very time consuming and laborious process that is simplified and made easy by use of a coinage sorter. What a coin distributor can accomplish in just a few minutes would take an employee an hour to do by hand and not be as accurate. A coinage sorter, unlike a coin counter, will not tell you the amount of change accumulated but will only give you a numerical count of the various coins that have been separated by denomination. click here now

The latest technology in coin sorter devices are digital coin sorters which show you quickly on a display panel just how many pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters have been collected. The newest coinage sorters are able to accept both old and new coins without your having to separate them into two separate groups. Coinage sorter models range from very inexpensive sorters that can handle less than 25 coins at a time and are battery operated to more sophisticated, heavy duty models that will deposit the sorted coins into wrappers, reject foreign coins, and handle a high volume of coins. Before deciding on a coinage sorter purchase, consider getting a unit that not only sorts the coinage but counts them at the same time so you can complete two jobs at once in the most efficient amount of time.